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Seminar: financials & Taxes

Alternativ in englischer Sprache oder auf Deutsch mit Begriffserklärung und Erlernung und Anwendung englischer Fachbegriffe in Finanz- und Steuerthemen.


Dies Seminar entspricht den Inhalten des BASIS-Seminar Finanzen und Steuern und ist hilfreich für Unternehmen mit internationaler Ausrichtung und englisch sprechenden Mitarbeitern oder für die englischsprachliche Weiterentwicklung von Mitarbeitern in diesen Unternehmen.


Basic knowledge in financial items and in tax rules is important for specialists and managers also if they are not directly responsible or involved in the matter.

Our basic seminar will show you and help you to customize the elementary structure of financials and taxes.


  • balancing structure and balancing methods
  • profit and loss account
  • double entry book-keeping system
  • accounting policies/standards
  • taxes on profit and income
  • general taxes
  • indexes and financial mesurements

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Our basic seminar will committ the most important items and co-relationships in the matter.

You will gain a good insight in bookkeeping and will learn to understand the tasks of financial operators correctly.


Special knowledge is not necessary. It will be supportive, if you already have a basic theoretical and/or practical understanding of economical subjects.

Target Group

Specialists and Managers, employees who need the knowledge of financials for their daily business and will customize or complete their Business English and English speeking employees.

Methods and Documents

Interactive learning methods, including through trainer input, case studies, best practice tests, experiences, exchange of experiences and exercises. You will receive relevant fulfillment in script form.

Timing  and Organisation

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Seminar catering is included in the price.


We offer this seminar online and in Hamburg.

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